Tim Grant-Jones is involved in music education, examining, composing and arranging.


Publications to date:

Trinity booklets‘Piano Plus’ and ‘Piano Plus 2’

Two books published by Trinity Guildhall covering the requirements for the Trinity guildhall piano accompaniment grade exams. Available from Faber.

Tim Grant-Jones with Dr. Derek Hyde wrote the piano accompaniment syllabus for Trinity in 2001 (now Trinity Guildhall) and these two books are filled with musical examples arranged and composed for pupils to learn and practise for grades 5 - 8 in piano accompaniment.

The 'piano plus' book contains set pieces for the exams. These are Tim's cleverly worked out piano versions of various orchestral accompaniments.


Trinity booklet‘Aural Book 1’ and ‘Aural Book 2’

Two aural practice books for the Trinity Guildhall aural tests (2007). Available from Faber.

These books were written by Tim for teachers and pupils preparing for the aural section of their grade exams and are on sale world-wide. They are a full and comprehensive guide to the musical theory behind the new tests and how to prepare for them. They are full of practise examples.

Trinity booklet

Book 1 is for grade Initial up to grade 5.
Book 2 is for grade 6 up to grade 8.

Tips and suggestions are given for each question at each grade. The books come with CDs with all the musical examples recorded and a real examiner asking the tests. Pupils can easily practise this section on their own, or with their parents or a teacher.

The piano recordings on the CDs are played by Tim.

Beethoven’s Sympathy


‘Beethoven’s Sympathy’

Published by Roberton, a choral version of Beethoven's 5th Symphony with its famous opening motif. There are delicious quotes from his other famous works too. The clever words by Richard Elgood give a humorous potted life story of Beethoven. The piece is about 5 minutes long and is for choir SATB unaccompanied.